What is Marketing? Selling products/ services. That’s it, right?Well, this is what occurs in everyone’s minds when asked about Marketing.But it’s just not only that. Let’s see what it is.
In this article, I would be telling you about

  • The Law of Marketing
  • Building a strong brand
  • Why it is worth investing time and energy in learning Marketing?
  • Importance of Communication Skills
  • Traditional vs Digital Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Power of personal brand
  • Evolution of personal brand and Mass Trust Blueprint

The Law of Marketing

->Know your customer needs:

Do you think the customers will make a beeline for your product/service if you made the product/service out of your interest without considering the customer’s needs? Absolutely not. So, it is important to know what the customer needs and then create a product/service to fulfill their necessity. It is vital to do some research on customer needs and the right approach to creating the product/service.

->Product over Marketing:

Is having great Marketing skills over quality products/services worth it? No.You need to make sure the quality of the product/service meets customer expectations. Marketing is a tool to make people aware of your product/service. So, you shouldn’t make marketing your first priority over your product.If your product is really worth it and satisfies the customers needs then it will sell itself through word of mouth.

->Keep your customers happy:

Do you think it is possible to find new customers every time? No, so you need to make sure the existing customer is happy by communicating with them, so they will remain a customer for life.

Building a strong brand:
It is natural for human beings to explore various things out of curiosity. We go for everything that comes in our way. We try different things in different aspects. But, when it comes to building a strong brand, you must choose a category and become a leader in it. If you work in a diversified manner then no one thing is really going to work great, so it is important to put focus on one thing and go with it.Example: Google, Zoom are brand names that have become verbs.
Why it is worth investing time and energy in learning Marketing?Marketing is an inevitable thing for civilization. It has always existed and shall continue to exist as well. It is being used for business, for building personal brands, to introduce a new product into the market, for services, and in various aspects as well. If you take an example of learning new technologies, then there is no guarantee that it will still remain in use in the market for the next ten years, nobody can assure of it because technology is ever changing, new things will be created and updated from time to time, but it is not the same in the case of Marketing.

Importance of Communication Skills
There is a myth that good communication skills mean sophisticated English, having a good vocabulary, and good grammar. Good communication skills mean how well you are able to convey your thoughts effectively to your customer.For that to happen you need to write as you talk, understand your target audience well, join a conversation in people’s minds and try to write a lot which helps in bringing clarity.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing We can reach a wide range of people who are affluent in speaking English through Digital Marketing. When it comes to Traditional Marketing, TV ads, Radio, News Papers etc are great at reaching wide range of people at a low cost if the product is generic.->In India TV users are 800 million to 1 billion, the reach of Digital Marketing is nowhere close to TV based on numbers.

Direct Response Marketing:It is a type of marketing which is done to get an instant response by encouraging people to do a specific action.Example: An ad in the newspaper with a phone number to call.
CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework

  The wealth you create= n^CATT
[n]  Niche              It is important to choose your niche as your success and wealth depends  on it
[C] Content         Create useful content to attract people from your niche through blog posts, videos,lead magnets, live webinars etc
[A] Attention       Drive attention i.e traffic to your content using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads & Referrals
[T] Trust               Build trust with your audience with tripwiring, marketing automation and  retargeting
[T] Transaction   Convert your leads into customers with natural sales method

Integrated Digital Marketing

If you choose to work only through Email Marketing then it wouldn’t be much effective.  Each individual strategy doesn’t have a huge impact on its own but, if you work by integrating multiple marketing strategies, you will be driving traffic from all aspects, which will prove to be very effective. 
Power of Personal Brand People wish to listen from people than from brands. Personal brands have the advantage of giving rise to many more brands because of the direct influence of the person. A personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the company they run.The only downside is a personal brand cannot be invested in and it cannot be sold.
Evolution of Personal Brand and Mass Trust Blueprint

Learn: Learn a new skill through available resources, concepts, facts, and procedures. Remember the facts and practice the procedure.
Work: After learning the skill, it is important to implement it as there would be no meaning if we just learn it. We learn even more by working on it and we will be able to understand better.
Blog: Once you start working you can write about your work experience, about what you have learned along your journey so far. It will help to build a personal brand.
Consult: After building a personal brand through your blog, have work experience and fundamentals, you can start consulting other businesses instead of working for them.
Mentor: Mentor others who are willing to be like you. It also helps in understanding different aspects in a deep manner.
Startup: Start your own product or service business 
With all these, there are great chances of taking Marketing to a whole new level.

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